Space: 1889 & Beyond series two update

Well, as we’re nearing the start of series two it seems things are hotting up behind the series. First off all, we can announce the title of the series two finale; Horizons of Deceit. What kind of deceit is going on in series two? All will be revealed!

Oli Smith, author of The Forever Journey

Secondly, we’ve got a new author coming on board. Oli Smith, author of the Doctor Who novel ‘Nuclear Time’ will be taking over writing duties on story #4, The Forever Journey

“Oli Smith spent two years as a freelance writer working on novels, audio books, comic strips and video games for the BBC series Doctor Who. Now he works as a creative producer for London-based video games company Mediatonic and spends his evenings playing board games. He still likes writing, retro sci-fi and RPGs so it looks like Space: 1889 has got him covered.”